Building capacity of national partners

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Building capacity of national partners Posted Nov 15 2014 by hope-site-administrator in , ,


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go ICRISAT helped build capacities of its partner organization on research evaluation and impact assessment using the Dynamic Research Evaluation for Managers (DREAM) model. Six socio-economists from partner organizations Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, National Semi-Arid Resources Research Institute, Uganda, and Department of Research and Development, Tanzania, participated in a three-day training. DREAM is an impact assessment tool, developed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) that enables analysts to calculate the size and distribution of the economic benefits from agricultural research and development activities using a range of market model options. The training was conducted by ICRISAT’s Dr Albert Gierend, Agricultural Marketing Economist, under the Harnessing Opportunities for Productivity Enhancement (HOPE) Project. The training was held at the ICRISAT Nairobi office on 15 – 17 September. Using ICRISAT’s experience in this field, participants discussed pros and cons of best-practice options for future GIS-based impact studies in their countries.

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