Review and planning meeting in Nigeria

HOPE Nigeria Training 1

Review and planning meeting in Nigeria

The ICRISAT-HOPE project held its annual review and planning meeting for Nigeria on 29 and 30 March 2011. Due to language differences, the project’s planning meetings in West and Central Africa (WCA) have been planned separately for the English speaking (Nigeria) and Francophone countries (Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso) where the project is operating.

In last week’s regional project planning meeting (WCA), ICRISAT scientists and project partners met at the Kano National Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (KNARDA) headquarters in Kano, Nigeria to evaluate the 2010 season and to plan various activities for 2011.

The meeting was attended by 47 participants including partners from organizations such as: IFAD-Community Based Agricultural and Rural Development Project (CBARDP); Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR); Lake Chad Research Institute (LCRI); Kano National Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (KNARDA); United States Agency for International Development – Maximizing Agricultural Revenues and Key Enterprises in Targeted Sites (USAID-MARKETS); processors; NGOs and ICRISAT scientists from Mali and Niger.

Participants of the evaluation and planning meeting

During the workshop, the project’s Global Coordinator, Dr George Okwach presented an overview of the project concept as well as the objectives and expectations from the meetings. Collaborators from IAR, LCRI and CBARDP delivered presentations highlighting the results of the 2010 season. Despite the absence of aligned complementary funding by IFAD for field activities of CBARDP, nearly all activities had been executed, even though on a smaller scale than initially planned.

There was good news for CBARDP in that their activities will be fully funded in 2011, which allows the project to operate this year on a large-scale in 7 states of Nigeria. Potential new partners and collaborators from processing industries and NGOs, such as the Green Sahel Adventures, expressed their understanding and aspirations for the project in Nigeria in 2011.

In his closing remarks, Dr Okwach expressed confidence in the results of the planning session, and hoped to see positive impacts of the work in Nigeria. He also thanked ICRISAT’s

country representative in Nigeria, Dr Hakeem Ajeigbe for organizing the meeting. The meeting was organized and facilitated by ICRISAT Kano Station, which was recently re-established to facilitate ICRISAT’s activities in Nigeria.