ICRISAT and partners plan project activities in Nigeria

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ICRISAT and partners plan project activities in Nigeria


Participants at the meeting group discussions

The ICRISAT-HOPE project held its annual review and planning meeting for Nigeria on 16 and 17 April 2012. During the meeting, ICRISAT and the different implementing partners of the project in Nigeria met in ICRISAT’s Kano office in Nigeria to evaluate the 2011 season and plan for the different activities in 2012.

A total of 41 persons comprising partners from different organizations including; IFAD-Community Based Agricultural and Rural Development Project (CBARDP), Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR), Lake Chad Research Institute (LCRI), Kano State Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (KNARDA), Green Sahel Agricultural and Rural Development Initiatives (GSARDI), Processors, NGOs and ICRISAT scientists from Nigeria.

The first day started with a welcome address, overview of the project concept as well as the objectives and expectations of the meetings by the ICRISAT Country Representative in Nigeria, Dr Hakeem Ajeigbe who represented the global coordinator, Dr George Okwach. Thereafter presentations of the results from 2011 were made by the different collaborators from IAR, LCRI, CBARDP, KNARDA, and GSARDI. These were discussed and lessons were shared. Highlight of the first day includes the presentation of the DVD on On-farm soil fertility and Striga control and the discussion on strategies for its dissemination in Nigeria.

On the second day, presentations were made by women groups, processors, and a new project — SPEKTISSA (Seed Priming Enabling Key Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa) was introduced, which will partner with the ICRISAT-HOPE project in Nigeria in testing and disseminating farmer-friendly technologies of cereal and legumes to farmers. Thereafter the objectives and milestones for 2012 were presented by ICRISAT and scientists from IAR and LCRI. Also, milestones that were not achieved in 2011 were included for completion in 2012. Working groups based on the project objectives were constituted to plan

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activities for 2012 and divide the tasks among different partners. The different working presented their deliberations to the general house for input before final submission and adoption.

The different partners expressed their understanding and aspirations and felt that the year 2012 will bring greater success for the project in Nigeria. The partners thanked ICRISAT for facilitating their participation and coordinating the project in Nigeria, the pray for peace in the sub-region and for colleagues in Niger and Mali who were not able to attend because of travel restriction and hope that they will visit during the cropping season. In his closing remarks, ICRISAT Country Representative, thanked the participating partners for finding time to attend and participate in the planning workshop, and for their continued support for, and enthusiasm with the project agenda. He expressed confidence in the results of the planning session, and hoped to see positive impact of the project work in Nigeria.

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