ICRISAT – HOPE set-up women Processor group in Kano

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ICRISAT – HOPE set-up women Processor group in Kano

Women processor group with processing materials

ICRISAT Kano through the objective 5 of HOPE project is supporting women groups who are involved the sorghum and millet value chains. These supports which ranged from trainings, to networking to sorghum and millet producers could also include assistance in form of processing machines . One of such group ,the Fura women processors got a deep freezer, generator set, improved traditional stove and blending set delivered to them on behalf of the HOPE project by ICRISAT Nigeria country representative Dr Hakeem Ajeigbe, on 1st May 2012. As part of effort to show their commitments, the group has also renovated their shops, and sensitizes members on the need to modernize their activities. Business pan development training is set for the group of 15 women in May 2012.
Since HOPE project is using the value chain approach, sorghum and millet producer groups are being networked to produce and supply quality grains to the women processor groups. The 7 producer groups which included a women group were also visited by Dr Ajeigbe in Gambawa village near Gumel on 1st of May 2012. Discussions were held with the community head of Gambawa and representatives of the producers groups.
The discussions centered on two projects HOPE and TL2, implemented by ICRISAT and partners in Jigawa State of Nigeria. In addition to production of quality grains of sorghum and millet for the women processors, the producers groups agreed to provide two farmers each, to undertake technology demonstration\evaluation and seed production for the community.

The farmers involved in technology demonstration\evaluation will make available a plot of 1200 m2 (20m x 60m) per person, while the seed producers will provide minimum of 4000 m2 (1 acre) for production of seed of selected varieties of sorghum, millet, groundnut or cowpea. While inputs will be provided by the project for the demo plots, the seed producers will purchase all their input needs but, will be assisted technically and are expected to sell their produce at higher prices as seed to the community.

The meeting was facilitated by Alhaji Mohammed Adamu, Director, Green Sahel Agricultural and Rural Development Initiatives (GSARDI), and by Jigawa Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (JARDA). Gambawa is a village in Jigawa State, Nigeria which has never been in contact with extension agents or agricultural development project until 2011 when GSARDI introduce it to ICRISAT. This community therefore offers ICRISAT Nigeria opportunity to demonstrate effectiveness of IMOD in agricultural research. ICRISAT Agricultural Economist, Dr Ndjeunga Jupiter has therefore developed a questionnaire which will be randomly administered on 60 households in the community.


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