Mini-seed packs: Aiding sorghum utilization in Mali

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Mini-seed packs: Aiding sorghum utilization in Mali

As part of the ICRISAT-HOPE project’s goal to increase adoption of new technologies, farmers’ organizations and seed and fertilizer sellers during the past two months have been working together with ICRISAT in developing a strategy of selected seed diffusion based on “mini-packs.”

In Mali, ICRISAT along with five agrodealers distributed more than 60 kg of eight selected varieties of sorghum in June and July at sale points in the districts of Koutiala, Kati, Dioila, Siby and Tominian.

The NGO Citizen Network Forever for Africa (CNFA) through its “Agrodealer Strengthening Program in Mali” has also been involved in this partnership. ICRISAT provided agrodealers with mini-packs of certified seeds while CNFA gave them insights into input management and selling.

This collaboration will improve farmer’s access to quality certified seed. The technology utilization strategy of mini-packs allows interested farmers to test the varieties under local conditions. The whole strategy thrives on advantages such as diversified seed sale points, mini packaging (100 g or 500 g), and varietal diversity. Mini-packs are directly packed by seed cooperatives such as ULPC (Union Locale des Producteurs Céréaliers) in Dioïla and COPROSEM (Coopérative des producteurs semenciers du Mandé) in Siby.