The Project Advisory Board

The ICRISAT-HOPE Project Advisory Board oversees the project by reviewing the progress of activities and achievements and making recommendations to the Project Management Team on issues of technical priorities and relevance, with a view to achieving impacts.

Membership of the Advisory Board has been established through consultation both within and outside ICRISAT.

The Project Advisory Board:

Name Expertise/Institution Status
Berhane Gebrekidan Breeder, Virginia Tech, retired Member
Sateesh Kumar Puligundla Director of Research, Nuziveedu Seed Company, India Member
Kallunde Pilly Sibuga Crops science specialist, Sokoine University of Agriculture Member
Lewis Mughogho Pathologist, Manager ESA, retired Member
Rebecca Nelson Biotechnology, McKnight Foundation Member
Oumar Niangado Breeder, WCA Member
CLL Gowda Deputy Director General, ICRISAT Observer
Stefania Grando Principal Investigator, HOPE Project & Program Director, Dryland Cereals, ICRISAT  Observer
 Yilma Kebede Representing BMGF Observer
George Okwach Project Manager ICRISAT-HOPE Secretary



  • Ensure the project is contributing to the overall goal in the targeted countries and regions;
  • Ensure quality of research and development activities in the Project to achieve desired impacts;
  • Enhance collaboration among project-partners including NARS, IARCs, NGOs, CBOs, private sector and other sorghum and millets research and development projects;
  • Provide suggestions regarding sustained funding for the project in the second phase; and
  • Act as ambassadors for the project in various global fora; and provide suggestions for overall success of the project.


  • Active participation in the Annual Project Review and planning meetings;
  • Provide recommendations to the Project Management Team, given by individual Board members on issues related to their specific field of expertise; and
  • Provide recommendations to the Project Management Team on issues such as organizational and partnership arrangements, making significant changes to the emphasis of project activities, etc.

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